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    Employer Resources for Journeymen

    Contractor Online Navigation Resource for Advanced Training Scheduling & Selection Options

    One of the California Roofer University’s© objectives is to the make the process and time involved in scheduling and selecting available training as simple and timely as possible. The CRU online utility resource provides direct secure access to a IRCC Website “contractor-specific” logon utility. Journeymen records, reports, and class scheduling will provide instant interface with the CRU records, class sign-ups. (Important: every contractor may only review or see his or her company data. Every company has a separate passcode.)

    • The hunt for specific training, scheduling details and alternatives options will save valuable time and energy for busy contractors or their representatives; energy and time which are more appropriately focused on winning and profitably performing roofing jobs

    • Class records such as “year-to-date” course credits, grades and continuing education credits (CEU’s) are keystrokes away: Individual and respective company reports which show where a Journey-level worker is in his or her progress toward a certification, will be securely accessible online to contractors providing them instant access to the training history, certifications of their journeyman workers.

    • E-notices and smart phone message blasts on changes in class schedules will be generated as soon as they are made to both journeymen and contractor contact person(s). Contractors will be allowed to enter alternative datelines which are more commensurate with their needs and scheduling issues, or last minute emergencies.

    • Because all classes scheduled are prepaid through employer hourly contributions, there are no penalty assessments to the company for journeymen who may have to miss a scheduled training date that they have been registered for. A missed class only results in a longer period of time for the journey person to accumulate the minimum number of credits and CEU’s for the three individual certificates provided by the Program & DAS for: Core Advanced Safety; Leadership; & Technical Installations.

    Instructors Wanted For IRCC Program

    Needed:  Veteran Journeymen Roofers to Train Apprentices:  Contractors and Consultants Welcome