Why Join?


    Our's is an industry of constant changes and increasing governmental red tape. The business of managing a successful roofing operation has become as much a gauntlet of rules, regulations and paper as it has become more technically demanding. Moving forward and thriving in this ever more competitive and complex environment is not for the faint of heart. It requires will, a tough business sense and the ability to adjust to changes in the marketplace, and to exploit opportunities as they arise. Savvy roofing contractors understand that staying knowledgeable and up to date is a participatory exercise. It takes some effort and commitment, but the rewards can be significant.


    Association is the best, most cost effective vehicle available to the contractor for keeping abreast of changes, as well as the competition. As a member of the IRCC you can immediately access a network of information and services derived from the experiences of other contractors such as yourself For instance, when you find yourself being audited by the Department of Labor, CAL-OSHA or the Environmental Protection Agency, you’ll have a place to call to find out what to expect and how to respond; you may even be able to benefit from the mistakes of others, rather than making them yourself. You can also pick up free legal counsel on such topics as labor laws, prevailing wages, immigration law, contract law and insurance, at our ongoing luncheon and dinner meeting seminars And, you can benefit your employees with technical training through a recognized and state approved apprenticeship program So don’t delay, join now. It’s what’s in it for you that counts.

    The IRCC can help your business build a reputation for quality and service; training programs mean better employees, greater safety and less risk. Most quality oriented employers are quick to recognize the benefits of training, particularly when it pays off in terms of lower insurance premiums for workers compensation and general liability. Well oriented employees, who receive professional training are less likely to damage equipment; they have learned to respect the utility of their tools and the hazards associated with improper use. They also work smarter, are more productive and are less likely to injure themselves or endanger those around them. They tend to be more loyal; companies who train their employees also offer competitive wages in order to retain the best workers, they recognize the value of their human resource.

    Many insurance underwriters view the level of worker training as a significant factor in the calculation of premiums. New IRCC apprentices are taught the basics of the roofing industry; they are assisted in the learning process by a variety of audio visual tools and guest lectures by experts in the field of roofing; everything from kettle operation and maintenance to cold process roofing, plans and specifications, BUR, single ply, fluid applied, metal; and are also training and certified in CPR and First Aid. In addition all apprentices receive a comprehensive overview of Hazard Communication laws and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the variety of materials they will use on the job.


    Many school districts and municipalities have taken the position in recent years that they will not do business with a specific contractor unless that contractor’s workers are engaged in a formal, recognized training program. Once the exclusive domain of signatory union shops, access to the IRCC’s training program, which is approved by the California Division of Apprenticeship and Training (DAS), means equal footing when bidding public works jobs. It may also open the door to quality conscious customers who appreciate the fact that your workers are skilled and trained in their craft.

    Instructors Wanted For IRCC Program

    Needed:  Veteran Journeymen Roofers to Train Apprentices:  Contractors and Consultants Welcome