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    Journeymen Courses & Certification

    The CRU advanced journeyman and foreman training program has been established under standards for “journeyman upgrade” approved by the State of California’s Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS).

    In addition, the curriculum has been developed in collaboration with the Chabot-Los Positas Community College District office of “Contract Training” for those aspects of the curricula related to crew leadership, job profitability, responding to emergencies, construction worksite ‘sexual harassment’ and “hostile work environment” training associated with California’s AB1825 mandatory work supervisor training requirements: The district will also be providing curricula development support for the Advanced Technical Installation Courses, and accreditation for continuing education units (CEUs) . This includes 1-day technical seminars and labs exercises on: PVC & TPO Single-Ply Systems; Spray Adhesives; Fluid Applied/Coated Systems; Edge Metal Secure- ES1 Compliant; Solar Panel Integration & Title 24 review; CERTA Torch Down; and Pull Testing.


    A full regimen of bilingual advanced OSHA and CAL-OSHA safety courses is also provided through the CRU to include, but not limited to:

    • Cal-OSHA 30 Hr. Construction Safety (roofing emphasis)

    • OSHA (DOL) 10-Hr. Construction safety

    • Scaffolding and Rigging Safety Standards

    • First-Aid/CPR Train The Trainer (AHA) – optional

    • OTC Trainer Course in Forklift Safety

    • Advanced Fall Protection

    The CRU Four-year California DAS approved Journeyman upgrade and continuing education program requires a total minimum 120 hours of class, lab or webinar to graduate. Certificates and CEUs provided for each class completed, issued either by Chabot-Los Positas Community College; the Department of Labor Federal OSHA or CAL–OSHA, or the IRCC. Three individual graduation certificates issued by the State of California—Department of Industrial Relations/ Division of Apprenticeship for each track of training curricula, which are:

    • Advanced Safety Certification

    • Crew Leadership & Job Management

    • Advanced Technical Certifications

    Instructors Wanted For IRCC Program

    Needed:  Veteran Journeymen Roofers to Train Apprentices:  Contractors and Consultants Welcome